Report: Clean Energy for Productive Use in Post-Harvest Value Chains

Posted on October 20, 2018 · Posted in Announcements, Projects

Green Powered Technology is pleased to announce our recent work, in partnership with ACDI/VOCA on the USAID-funded Energy Opportunities for Agricultural Systems and Food Security Project (E4AS Project), has been featured on USAID’s AgriLinks, an open-knowledge portal for agriculture, food security, and development professionals.

The team’s report, “Clean Energy for Productive Use in Post-Harvest Value Chains,” integrates extensive literature reviews and stakeholder consultations with field work and site visits. This report identifies key challenges and opportunities related to access, efficiency, and reliability of energy in processes that bridge rural agriculture production and urban food demand, while also contributing to low emission development strategies. Highlighting the dairy value chain in Senegal and Kenya, the team demonstrates how renewable energy and energy efficiency can support post-harvest agriculture value chains in Sub-Saharan Africa. The project team also placed a strong focus on conducting gender-aware research and highlighting gender-sensitive findings. Key project reports, technical briefs, and an infographic presenting key recommendations from the study are also available. For more information, the AgriLinks portal offers four practical briefs that dive deeper into related topics, including: (1) Powering Three-Phase Electrical Devices from a Single-Phase Source; (2) Solar PV Options for Small-Scale Dairy Aggregators; (3) Using Solar Thermal to Lower Energy Costs for Small Scale Dairy Processors; and (4) Assessing the Feasibility of Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency for Value Chain Partner.