Green Powered Technology Awarded Contract to Provide Technical Editing Services for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC)

Posted on May 9, 2016 · Posted in Announcements, Clients

Green Powered Technology has been awarded a new five year contract to provide as-needed technical editing support to the NRC’s Publications Branch to ensure that NRC documents conform to designated Federal, agency, and office guidance for structure and clarity.

The NRC requires technical editing to support the agency’s openness goal as well as the agency’s overall mission. The Publications Branch drives this agency requirement, as program offices use technical editing services when responding to stakeholders, communicating with the public, providing guidance to licensees, documenting communications with licensees, publishing notices, and publishing NRC regulations. The Publications Branch manages the agency’s centralized publications services. These services include reproduction, Government Publishing Office print procurement, graphic design, paper- and web-based publication, NUREG manuscript review and publication, and technical editing and writing. NUREGs are official agency reports or brochures on regulatory decisions, results of research, results of incident investigations, and other technical and administrative information.