GPTech’s Work Featured on USAID Web Portal, ClimateLinks

Posted on December 11, 2018 · Posted in Uncategorized

GPTech’s recent work on the USAID-funded Energy Opportunities for Agriculture Systems and Food Security (E4AS) has been selected as a feature on USAID’s web portal, ClimateLinks. The recently completed E4AS project, conducted in collaboration with ACDI/VOCA,  assessed opportunities to integrate renewable energy (RE) technologies and solutions and energy process improvement best practices across each segment of the dairy value chain, from transportation to cold storage to processing and retail.

Examining these opportunities through an energy-food-social-market systems lens, and with cross-cutting emphasis on low emissions development and gender and social inclusion, the team was able to identify interconnections among various elements of the value chain approach.

Based on these findings, the team provided USAID policy recommendations and four technical briefs on the following topics: (1) the feasibility of renewable energy and energy efficiency in the dairy value chain; (2) using solar thermal to lower energy costs; (3) technological constraints to electrical supply; (4) and solar PV options for small-scale dairy aggregators. These recommendations will inform future USAID programming, with respect to options for access to sustainable and reliable sources of energy in agricultural processes.

GPTech’s team lead, Hoai Huynh, shared: “On behalf of Green Powered Technology, we much appreciated the opportunity to work with USAID program offices and mission representatives in Senegal and Kenya to identify key challenges and opportunities related to access, efficiency, and reliability of energy in agriculture processes that bridge rural agriculture production and urban food demand.”

This is the second USAID web portal on which the E4AS project has been featured. It was also hosted on the Agrilinks portal, and can be found here.

For more information on the E4AS project, please contact Hoai Huynh, VP of Emerging Markets, at