Green Powered Technology is an engineering consulting firm that specializes in energy and the environment.

Our work ranges from evaluating specific projects to assisting in the development of government energy policies around the world.

Who We Are

Green Powered Technology is a leading innovator in green energy systems. We provide sustainable, cost-effective energy solutions to governmental, commercial and energy-impoverished clients. Our goal is to lead the world in employing innovative energy solutions that realize the full potential of the Earth’s resources.
We believe sustainability is not a single step, but an iterative journey that can be made easy with the right guide. We hope to be your guide in green energy, helping our clients, their stakeholders and our community.


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What We Do

Green Powered Technology makes it easy for our clients to incorporate green energy into their operations. Our capabilities include a wide range of policy analysis, technical, and management support services in sustainable energy.
Green Powered Technology is a full service green energy technology firm that provides a single point for businesses and public service organizations to achieve economic, environmental and social value through sustainable energy. We have a strong background in working closely with our clients in an effort to meet their needs, while consistently providing the highest quality of services.


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Why It Matters

Green energy saves money, enhances operations, protects the environment, and leads to energy reliability and security.
Green is our business. We provide experts who understand green energy and have the industry experience to make a difference. Green Powered Technology’s number one priority is to anticipate and respond to the needs of our client by providing technical solutions and analytical services that are current, efficient, reliable, affordable and designed to meet each individual client’s immediate, evolutionary, and long-term needs.
The depth and breadth of our experience help us understand new and better ways to deliver clean, sustainable energy to our clients.


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