Energy Efficiency Services.

Green Powered Technology takes a holistic, total building approach to energy management, considering all of a facility’s systems and equipment.

As part of the Green Powered Process, we offer to Show, Do, Pay and Grow green energy for our clients, so that you don’t have to worry about it. Starting with an energy audit, Green Powered Technology performs a technical assessment of facility system conditions, evaluate maintenance management practices, and then develops a plan. Next, Green Powered Technology assesses viable technologies for retrofits and upgrades, runs computer simulations, calculates life-cycle costs, and designs an upgrade plan that meets user needs, reduces energy consumption, prevents pollution, and complies with building codes and standards. And, before and after building and system improvements are made, Green Powered Technology meters, monitors, and verifies energy usage to ensure the changes translate into energy and cost savings.

    Energy Audit Services

  • Benchmarking
  • Energy Savings Performance Contracts
  • Energy Use Monitoring
  • Facility Operation and Assessment
  • Modeling and Simulation

    Green Consulting

  • Energy and Demand-Side Management
  • Green Analytics Services
  • Financial Analysis (ROI Analysis)
  • Policy & Regulations
  • Resource, Technology, and Market Assessment